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Maximising Your Most Pressing Value-Creation Opportunities


Boris Colruyt

Executive Director & Coach Asia Pacific

Maximising Your Most Pressing Value-Creation Opportunities

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Boris is an executive director who prioritizes initiatives in function of growth to bring out the full potential of your investments for over 15 years in Asia Pacific. He is entrusted with a seat on the Board of Directors, keeping oversight of commercial resilience, operational endurance, and long-term financial success.


Boris accelerates your most pressing value-creation opportunities.

He systematically advances bold value-creation strategies that help companies weather economic uncertainty to ensure they emerge more vital by simplifying organizational capabilities, reducing cost structures, optimizing supply chains, reengineering business processes, adopting digital solutions, and putting customers at the centre of growth.


He championed various modernization and transformation initiatives. Steering committees seek his understanding and rich experience in change management to ensure that the delivery organization harvests both the strategic benefits and lessons learned to grow people.


Boris believes that sustainable business success stems from conscious leadership. He coaches management teams with a mindset that allows him to be grateful and positively dissatisfied at once. It is a proven recipe that helps managers accept the objective reality of any situation, appreciates the perspective of others, and determine clear aspirations that drive growth & value creation.


He is tri-lingual in English, Dutch & French and speaks basic German, Mandarin, and Bahasa Indonesia. He has led multicultural, cross-functional teams, and his leadership philosophy is to drive radical transparency, trust & collaboration, which inspires teams to achieve more than they imagine possible.


Boris is an accredited executive coach who advises start-ups and INSEAD alumni.

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